Oxmose is an independent record label. Its origin derives from the word osmosis, which quite literally means a connection or a fusion of elements”. It's a metaphor for everything we represent: absorbing ideas and intuitively blending them into music.

In production we are curious - taking “risks” in our search for unheralded talent from the worlds of electronica, IDM, trip-hop, ambient, classical, industrial, techno, jazz, and abstract experimentalism. Nurturing artists who defy easy definition, because their style is deemed too left-field or avant-garde. 

Our aim is to surprise, shining a light on emerging talents, while also connecting the audience to stunning visual art. We want to affect on both a mental and emotional level, we’re driven by a love of music - it’s what we do - but we also cherish art, philosophy, poetry and aesthetics. That’s why Oxmose represents more than just a record label. It’s a platform for artistic freedom and imaginative enquiry, linking musicians, producers, visual artists, graphic designers, directors, writers and photographers together - fostering a collaborative space where pure artistic expression thrives.

Oxmose draws inspiration from all around the world, although Paris, Manchester and Bucharest hold specific significance. It’s these three eclectic cities, emboldened by strength of spirit, character and sound, which lie at our core. They represent a desire in us to bridge art and artists from a wide sphere of influence, bringing them together through a combination of music and passion.

It’s this concept which encapsulates our approach to the process of creation: connecting music and art to human emotion. Oxmose have seen the light in 2017, searching for sounds that cause pleasure, curiosity and intrigue across a broad spectrum of challenging sonic landscapes.





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