Oliver Doerell

Oliver Doerell

Oliver Doerell's sonic fingerprint reverberates through estrangement, abstraction and mysticism. He is exploring these dimensions of sound with the use of homemade instruments, organic sounds, electronic loops, technical experimentation and distortion.

Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1969, he started music at the age of 14. He lives and works in Berlin since 1990, where he developed his own musical expression. Oliver Doerell is the founding member of Dictaphone/ SWOD/ Raz Ohara and the odd orchestra/ Cummi Flu, alongside he also composed music for films and dance/ theatre projects. He has played concerts around the world throughout more than 20 years of musical performance.

Theatre is another ground of artistic expression for multi-instrumentalist Oliver Doerell. He met the German-Iranian dancer and choreographer Modjgan Hashemian in 2006 and since then worked on 10 dance theatre pieces together. This encounter introduced him to Persian musicians like Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Behrouz Tavakol and Jawad Salkhordeh.

Oliver Doerell's music defies easy definition, because his style is deemed too left-field or avant-garde. His acoustic horizons travel through a broad spectrum of analogue explorations, electro-acoustic jazzy reverberations and nostalgic rhythms.

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