"Prelude" EP is the inceptive release of Oxmose, which marks the first entry in an ongoing catalogue, and the beginning of a journey with various artists.

At its heart, the "Prelude" EP is a dialogue between two composers; a conversation that traces the line between abstract, electronic experimentalism and glitering interpretive jazz.

Parisian producer Shcaa takes control of Side A with 'Core'; a near 20 minutes exploration into sound, which skirts the fringes of avant-garde minimalism and experimental rhythms. The song's acute cadence lays a dense and atmospheric foundation for the EP.

Side B sees Romanian artist Traian Chereches offer-up an absorbing counterpoint to Shcaa's opener on 'Cage'. The energy of Chereches' rebuttal fuses organic and interpretive sounds into a deft jazz reinterpretation, revealing a wide and surprising cinematic ambience.

Mastered by Rashad Becker from Dubplates & Mastering Berlin, "Prelude" will be released on limited edition 12", 180g heavyweight vinyl - with an outer sleeve featuring handmade artwork created by graphic designer Alice Voinea. The organic materials used in her work, emphasizing the interchange of the record; adding a further layer of continuity; one that stretches between the artist, the music and the listener.

Written by Tom Fenwick


Shcaa, Traian Chereches




November 10, 2017

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